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How animals take on our illnesses and issues

Posted June 27th, 2014

I see more and more cases of how animals mirror or actually take on our illnesses. An example is my own situation with my 2 dogs - my first dog, Gaya, died before I got my current dog, Buddha. Later in her life Gaya developed pancreatitis from eating too  many fatty foods, it went undiagnosed until it turned into chronic pancreatitis and then diabetes. I had to give her insulin injections every 12 hours and spent thousands and thousands of dollars keeping her alive for the last  3 yrs of her life.   A year later I got Buddha, who I fed carefully from the time I got him but at around 2 he started having trouble with fat metabolism, which was really unusual for a young, healthy dog on a good diet. A few years later, I was diagnosed with gall bladder (which metabolizes fat)  issues because fatty foods are my favorite - cheese especially.   I realized at that time that there must be a connection between my health issues and my dogs'.

But it wasn't until I started learning the Emotion Code and saw that  certain  organs  produce specific emotions.  Most of us have heard that the liver and gall bladder  are connected with anger and resentment, well, that was my go-to emotion when confronted with an issue or problem. I wasn't a crier, instead I would get angry and possibly yell.

I cleaned up my diet and started taking   enzymes for fat metabolism and I improved, but Buddha did not, in fact he seemed to be having a harder and harder time metabolizing fat even though I would give him the enzymes too.

I finally did an Emotion Code session  on  Buddha, myself, and even my deceased dog, Gaya regarding our problem with fat metabolism. And guess what, all the trapped emotions were mine - not my dogs'.   They were taking on my trapped emotions and suffering the physical consequences of it. In fact, they did it for years before I manifested the physical symptoms.

Since that session, Buddha and I have been symptom free!