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The Emotion Code and past life fears

Posted October 13th, 2014

While doing Emotion Code sessions with clients, I have recently been working with more past life issues. Dr. Nelson, who developed  the Emotion Code and  the Body Code,  has said that  when  trapped emotions from past lives come up, it is usually not obvious that they occurred in a past life and they can be released just as readily as ones from this lifetime.

However, lately trapped emotions have been coming up that are clearly not from this lifetime. For example, I was working with a woman who said she bought excess food almost compulsively, even if there was plenty of food in the house. Also,    she was having trouble losing weight after the birth  her last child even though she wasn't overeating and was  doing cleanses. A trapped emotion of  fear of starvation came up although she had always had plenty to eat. I then got a flash of a past life where she and her family had starved to death during the Dust Bowl. I checked for trapped emotions specifically from that lifetime and a lot came  up that she recognized as fears she had been experiencing but couldn't explain.

Another example is a dog who had recently been  adopted by a couple, who then  discovered he was terrified of men. They contacted me for a session and the dog said that his previous owner was a large man who had been mean to him. I cleared all of his trapped emotions about men and any other related fears. A couple weeks later, I emailed his owner to see how he had been doing and she said he was doing fine with all men except her husband. When I re-checked him, I found that he and  the husband had a past lifetime together that needed to be cleared. So I cleared all the trapped emotions between them specifically from that past life  and the dog said that he could feel a big change in the energy between them immediately. He said  that before it felt dark and sticky and now it felt clear.

I find this work to be ever-evolving and endlessly fascinating!