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Dog aggression

Posted December 21st, 2014

Cheryl Cullen ObiObie (with Frisbee) started showing signs of aggression around 18 months, which is when a dog is reaching maturity. Generally, he was a friendly, fun guy but I began to see a pattern where he would bully younger, more timid dogs. It seemed to be because he could sense their vulnerability. I cleared his trapped emotions and he was better for a while, then he started to show the behavior again and it seemed even more aggressive. He  grabbed a sweet young pointer by the muzzle and shook it. That was the last straw, either that behavior stopped or he couldn't go to the dog park any more.

I did another emotion code session on him, this time checking for any underlying energies creating this behavior. He had a "saboteur" energy trapped in him from a time when he was a young dog and was bullied by an older dog. I cleared that and another saboteur energy came up, it was his sabotaging of other dogs which was linked to the incident he experienced as a young dog. This is  a common problem dog trainers face: how to change an intermittent behavior triggered by a dog feeling the same emotion that he, as the victim, once experienced. It is very difficult and laborious to do through training alone.

It  occurred to me that this also happens in people: victims become victimizers. But by using the Emotion Code to clear the residual trapped energies and emotions remaining in the body after a trauma, that behavior will no longer be a trigger for aggression.