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Ever wished you could get a family member to do a session? Here’s how…

Posted April 24th, 2015

I have done a number of sessions on clients for their children of all ages. The client is the surrogate for the child and parents have seen dramatic changes in their children after these sessions.

  • Joan’s daughter, Zoe (8) was having a hard time with friends. She was feeling left out, jealous, talked about. After a couple of surrogate phone sessions, Joan said Zoe is now well adjusted and said she “feels like she would like to be a kid’s counselor”.
  • Jody's daughter, Taylor, was shy and didn't have a lot of friends, wasn't chosen for teams and didn't do all that well in school. Her older brother, Alex, was popular, an athlete and an A student. Jody and I  did several sessions on Taylor with some changes but it wasn't until I worked on a past life and released all the trapped emotions of love unreceived, humiliation, sadness, etc  from that lifetime that Taylor's life changed for the better and she now has a group of friends is one of the best players on her volleyball team.

But lately I have been able to work on a client as a surrogate for other family members - husbands, wives, siblings, grown children, parents. When I begin a session, I connect with the guides & higher self of the person, so the information is coming from that higher perspective. If I am working with a wife to clear issues with her husband, often the higher self of the husband will come in and be willing to clear his trapped emotions as well. This has had profound effects on their relationships.

  • Amanda's husband is a musician who once had a successful career but lately has seen it decline to the point where he became depressed and defeated; had lost his joie du vivre. Amanda asked him if we could work on him. We did 2 sessions on him and she noticed him smiling more than he had in a long time. Within a couple of weeks he was put in touch with an agent who wants to market his work.
  • John came to see me because his father had recently died and John felt bad because they had never had a good relationship. His father's higher self came in ready to release all the trapped emotions from their difficult relationship. It was a powerful session and we could feel the presence of John's father. John now feels free of those regrets and sadness.

If you are struggling with relationships in your life or if your loved ones are having difficulties - I'd love to help!